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  ABI2GAIL 09:50 04 Feb 07

On starting pc, got this message about windows not starting up correctly. After trying to boot up with last known configeration and safe mode it just keeps going round in a loop. so, i took out HD and re loaded windows onanother pc and HD works, but when i put it back in originally pc it doesnt.!! can anyone help please?

  rawprawn 10:06 04 Feb 07

Can you try another IDE cable?

  ABI2GAIL 10:16 04 Feb 07

makes no difference unfortunately

  rawprawn 10:23 04 Feb 07

Will it boot from the XP CD?

  ABI2GAIL 10:43 04 Feb 07

Fraid not, trying to reinstall xp again, but now saying some files are missing from the disk!!!

  rawprawn 10:50 04 Feb 07

Is this a full reinstall or repair? I am now at a loss unless it's a fault in your motherboard.
Perhaps someone else has a better idea.

  wotbus@ 10:53 04 Feb 07

This may help:
click here

  ABI2GAIL 15:40 04 Feb 07

Thanks for that, unfortunately i think it may be motherboard problems then. Can anyone explain to me why, when I load windows on on another computer it all loads up fine, but when i load it on my computer it says that some of the windows files are missing from the disk. Is it likely that some information may not be on the motherboard?This is all a new mine field to me. Thanks.

  Strawballs 15:55 04 Feb 07

If you put the drive into another PC and install windows then unless it is exactly the same as yours then the motherboard drivers for the other PC will have been installed and will now conflict with yours that windows will install when drive put back into your PC then there will be the issue with reactivation when windows detects a different system.

  ABI2GAIL 16:04 04 Feb 07

ok thanks for that, so what would you suggest i do now. ? doesnt sound good to me!

  Strawballs 16:18 04 Feb 07

If you have more than one cd drive try the other one maybe one is not reading properly.

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