wdmp.dll infected with backdoor trojan

  mak2 13:13 25 Jul 04

My gets the above message on startup, I've scan the system using adaware, trojan remover and norton antivirus. All show system is clean. But the message won't go away.
Any suggestions welcome

  stalion 13:23 25 Jul 04

what trojan remover have you used?

  mak2 22:33 25 Jul 04

The one named Trojan Remover

  stalion 22:41 25 Jul 04

try this good for removing trojans if you have one click here

  mak2 22:49 25 Jul 04

Thanks I'll try that and comeback to you

  mak2 23:49 26 Jul 04

I tried that utility unfortunately it didn't find that trojan.

  bretsky 00:30 27 Jul 04

Try this click here

bretsky ;0)

  Gaz 25 01:49 27 Jul 04

Zip it up my friend and send it to the antivirus companies.

Add a password to the zip through.

  Chegs ® 02:01 27 Jul 04

Check to make sure you haven't still got System Restore turned on/Boot PC in "Safemode" and search for "wdmp" and delete/Start,Run,MSCONFIG and check its not hiding here.

  mak2 23:22 27 Jul 04

I've searched for the file with restore off and in safe mode. The file shows in normal mode but not in safe mode. I'll try the msconfig.

  stalion 23:32 27 Jul 04

have a look here click here

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