wd usb hard drive

  chippy+ 10:38 18 Jan 06

hi can someone with the above hardware let me know proper way to start and stop it also can i just leave the usb connected thanks chippy

  bremner 10:47 18 Jan 06

I leave mine permanently connected and switch it on and off using the button on the front

  PaulB2005 10:50 18 Jan 06

Switch as normal.

To switch off use the "Safely Remove Hardware Application" icon at the bottom right (green arrow). Double click it and select the device, click "Stop".

click here

  Diemmess 10:51 18 Jan 06

This is presumably an external HD connected with a USB cable?... If so....

Start any time by switching on its power supply and plugging in to a USB socket.

Stop..... by pulling its USB plug or switching off!
This will immediately involve you in a scolding on a pop-up window saying you can lose or corrupt your data. (Provided you were not reading or writing from it, there is little danger)

The proper way is to click on the icon on the task bar (little green arrow over a box shaped object) and choose - Stop USB storage device

  bremner 10:51 18 Jan 06

Interesting link

  chippy+ 14:08 18 Jan 06

hi thanks to all for the help the last time ihad to go out and needed to close down the computer the green arrow said it could not close down and to try later i was not using the ex drive at the time thanks again Chippy

  Diemmess 15:06 18 Jan 06

You can sometimes have this "still busy" warning even though the drive isn't being accessed at the time the warning goes out.

A typical nuisance if using a floppy, can be to read or write from a floppy and then close the application.
Next time the app. is opened there will be a wail -"Cannot read drive A" !

My guess is that "the focus" was most recently there, and that you had done nothing else to take the focus away.

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