WD external drive.Advice required please

  hiwatt 13:14 27 Dec 10

Hi folks.I got a WD "My book Essential" external hardrive.I had been needing one for a while.I was gonna get acronis so I could back up my OS as well as my music files etc but this comes with "visual back up" which actually backs up your files etc for you.Does anyone have any experience with this one and any tips on how to get it to do a complete back up of my current C drive?Thank you.

  rawprawn 13:28 27 Dec 10

I have a WD My Book, but unfortunately I can't tell you if the backup is any good.
I formatted mine NTFS, and I use Acronis to back up. No Problems.

  hiwatt 13:42 27 Dec 10

This ones comes already formatted NTFS.It has software included whick I presume is to back up files?I'll just install it and see how it goes.Thanks.

  Taff™ 13:50 27 Dec 10

The Western Digital software is pretty basic and not at all intuitive. I set one up about 3 months ago and found that the compressed files it produces are very awkward to access. The client bought Acronis TI which we both understand.

Personally I wouldn`t rate the WD Software and if I remember correctly it annoyingly pops up every time you plug the drive in. Took a while to work out how to stop that because you can`t remove the partition its set up on.

  rawprawn 15:11 27 Dec 10

Hi Taff™, "you can`t remove the partition"
I simply formatted mine but it wasn't partitioned.
I saw a similar thread here a short time ago, regarding the partition, but I don't know if it was resolved.
I will have a look for it.

  rawprawn 15:21 27 Dec 10

I have had a look around and this is worth a look.
click here

  rawprawn 15:27 27 Dec 10

Here is the thread I was thinking about, BRYNIT;s link worked apparently.
click here

  hastelloy 16:30 27 Dec 10

BRYNIT's link would have disabled the partition (actually a virtual CD) but not deleted it whereas ßeta's link removed it(same as rawprawn's 15:21 link above).

  Taff™ 07:45 28 Dec 10

rawprawn - Your link doesn`t appear to be working for me. Can you repost please?

marvin42 - You are quite correct, it was a VCD and that`s exactly how I disabled it. Took me ages to find the instructions though! Now bookmarked for future reference.

  rawprawn 08:42 28 Dec 10
  Taff™ 10:01 28 Dec 10

Thanks rawprawn!

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