WD 1TB External HDD Question & Help

  Audio~~Chip 10 Nov 11


I have just purchased a WD Ext 1TB HDD My Book Essential Model. Ok, I have plugged in the Ext HDD & Power, the drive installed drivers on XP Fine and I opened up the WD SmartWare Drive showing in My Computer. in their it shows a number of System files and WD related little programmes. I have installed the WD SmartWare software which enables you to choose back up options etc.

The WD HDD has also put in another drive called My Book. I am using the WD Software to back up my nearly full 160GB C Drive Docs etc to the Ext Drive.

Am I correct and is this correct that the "My Book" which is the partition generated from the WD software holds all the Back-up docs at it show the size being 930GB Total Size and the "WD SmartWare" showing size of 442MB and full.

Firstly the missing 70GB I think is normal can someone please confirm. Also is it correct that the WD main drive partition has all these files and progs on total of 3 Folders, AutoRun, Virtual CD Manager, WD SmartWare EXE, Unlock Utility.

With my older Freecom 500GB Ext HDD's I am use to seeing 1 single Drive in My computer.

I thank you all for taking time to read and help me with the above in advance and will call back later today to read my replies.



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