Wbsite Sugestions Please

  cortez© 18:49 12 Feb 08


I am designing a website prototype for a university and have a few general ideas on how I'm going to make it look. However, could do with some suggestions please. What general things would you look out for when designing such a site. E.g. what things to avoid at all costs and to include etc. The site is aimed at university students. Any input appreciated.

Many thanks

  mco 20:48 12 Feb 08

clean clear background
easy navigation
no sound on entering the site
no flash entry
quick loading images
If it is for university students then have on the front page a photo of a group of smiling students!

  gibbs1984 11:00 13 Feb 08

Not really the design but you should have the domain .ac.uk.

I believe they need this suffix (.ac.uk) to claim certain things as students.

  DieSse 11:20 13 Feb 08

There is masses of help and guidance on the web, if you google for it.

google for

website design principles

for instance, and you'll get lots of really helpful stuff. examples

click here

click here

  CodeMeister 17:57 13 Feb 08

click here for some free CSS templates

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