.wav to .cda?

  goll_y 14:44 29 Feb 04

Does anyone know how to transfer a .wav file to a .cda file so it will play on a CD in a hi-fi?

  Sheila-214876 15:51 29 Feb 04

Just burn it to CD as an Audio Disk using Nero Burn. Nero will automatically make it a .cda file.

  Diodorus Siculus 15:53 29 Feb 04

db poweramp is a versatile program which does this and much more. click here

  Suzuki ITFC 16:34 29 Feb 04

No need to convert to play in hi-fi, it will already work.

I convert MP3s to WAV files all the while, has worked on my car cd palyer, hi-fi and portable cd player no probs.

  goll_y 16:50 29 Feb 04

I tried doing it in Nero and it wouldn't work

  Diodorus Siculus 16:56 29 Feb 04

What didn't work with Nero? The resulting CDs wouldn't play in your CD player? It may be that your CD player cannot recognise CD-Rs.

Have you tried the other program mentioned?

  goll_y 16:59 29 Feb 04

no perhaps I'll try the other one. It's played CD-RW's before

  Patr100 17:14 29 Feb 04

Try Real Player (the free version) if you already have it installed. Burn to CDR not CDRW if you have problems.

  temp003 05:14 01 Mar 04

I tend to agree with Diodorus Siculus. Unless the hi-fi specifies it supports CDR or CDRW, otherwise whether it will play a CDR or CDRW is a matter of luck.

CDRs have a higher chance of being played on a hifi CD player than CDRW (to do with a laser frequency which is closer to commercial audio CD, I think). The CD player may be able to play one CDRW, but not another. On my hifi, even with the same CDRW, it can play it sometimes, and sometimes not.

You can try another burning software. If it solves problem, fine. If it doesn't, try using a CDR instead of CDRW, or using another brand of CDR/CDRW. CDRs are so cheap that even if it doesn't work, it wouldn't cost you much.

  Sheila-214876 10:09 01 Mar 04

Lets backtrack a bit. Are you burning to a CDR or CD/RW disk? Most domestic CD players can't read CD/RW disks.

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