Water on laptop

  Pats_1984 12:21 31 Mar 11

My daughter knocked a glass of water onto our laptop. My partner took the battery off and left it dry for a few hours and turned it bak on again. He said it was fine for a hour but then turned itself off. He also told him in that hour he doesn't think it was charging up. We have had issues with the charger anyway. However there is a funny smell by the charging part of the laptop & the charger itself. The rest of the laptop smells fine. Any suggestions to what it could be please?

  mgmcc 12:28 31 Mar 11

If it was clean water spilt on the keyboard, I'd suggest leaving it open and with keyboard facing down in a warm airing cupboard at least overnight.

  Pats_1984 12:36 31 Mar 11

Luckily it was clean water. The same laptop has had coffee spilt on it and it was fine but that was mainly on the mouse pad. Just worried about the smell, will that smell go? Worried it may indicate other problems from the spillage

  Pats_1984 12:37 31 Mar 11

The laptop has already been left overnight but still nothing

  northumbria61 11:39 01 Apr 11

I would follow the advice of mgmcc and give it more time.

I had a mobile phone that once dropped out of my shirt pocket into a basin full of water - the phone appeared to be "dead" - nothing for 3 days then it "came back to life" and every feature working again.

  Pats_1984 13:47 01 Apr 11

I've had that with a mobile as well, just the screen a bit gone. I took it to a computer shop and they tried a different charger but I didn't get them to turn it on. Stupid I know but the light came on at the front so hopefully a new charger will sort it out.

  mooly 16:42 01 Apr 11

Read post #3 here as this is the main issue with spillage,
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