Watching Telewest cable TV on PC

  Chris25 19:18 27 May 05

Hello all.

I'm interested in finding a way to watch my Telewest TV service on my PC in another room (I spend a lot of time at the PC for work reasons). I believe that plugging the RF (aerial) output from my cable decoder box into my TV-Card then tuning my TV-Card into the channel output by the cable decoder box is a iable option.

Another might be to use one of the wireless transmitters intended for sending signals to other TV sets in the house (Argos do one called a Digisender). I've been told that the receiver section called be plugged into a TV card (even though this would require a SCART socket).

Does anybody have any experience of connecting their Telewest box to their PC or can anyone offer a better solution to this problem?


  Vague Boy 20:03 27 May 05


  Graham ® 22:50 27 May 05

Your first suggestion will definitely work. I would stick to that.

  Vague Boy 13:07 28 May 05


  Joe R 13:14 28 May 05

Vague Boy,

your first suggestion should work, but only if it is a digital tv card.

  Chris25 13:40 28 May 05

Thanks for the advice Graham ® and Joe R

At the moment I'm tempted to get a Nebula DigiTV card (or the USB external version) as these have recieved some very good reviews.

click here

According to their FAQ, I would probably need an RF to composite cable (I think these exist) to connect to this particular card:

"Can I connect DigiTV to my satellite dish or cable?

At the moment, you can only connect DigiTV to an external TV antenna to receive Digitial Terrestrial signals. However, if you have a current satellite or cable decoder with a composite video output, you can connect this to the video input on the DigiTV PCI card to watch the decoded signal on your PC."

I shall check with them before buying though.

  Joe R 13:45 28 May 05
  Chris25 14:29 28 May 05

Thanks Joe R, two good links there.

My confidence in being able to achieve this is much higher.

  Graham ® 14:35 28 May 05

The output of the cable decoder box is RF. A digital card is not necessary, even though it has video in.

  Fellsider 14:58 28 May 05

I have my Telewest box connected to the PC by RF lead - no problems.

BUT if you are going to record from the cable box the RF output of my box is only mono!

  Chris25 15:06 28 May 05

Thanks Fellsider. Mono won't be too much of a problem, my main concern was that I spend so much time working on my PC that I feel I'm not getting the benefit of the TV serice I'm paying for. Hopefully that will change soon.

I shall mark this thread as resolved. Thanks to all who replied.

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