Warnings of e-mails

  Dazwm 20:32 12 Oct 03

Is there any software available that will warn you when you receive e-mails. What I mean is that when you are on your desktop or doing something else a sound will play without having to keep pressing send\receive. I hope you understand what I mean!!


  powerless 20:36 12 Oct 03

Yes. But if your using OE you can set OE to check your email every minute. If there is any new email, you will hear a sound. You have to have OE open though.

Tools, Options, "Check for new messages every xx minutes" Near the bottom. Also place a tick in the box if there is not one already there.

  Tim1964 20:45 12 Oct 03

Are you on broadband ? cos then cheching for mail every few mins won't disturb what you're doing or cost anything either.

As Powerless says you do have to have OE running though but it can always be mininmised as well.

If you are using dial up then don't forget you'll run up a 5p call charge every time you check for mail.

  Dazwm 20:46 12 Oct 03

Thanks, I am on broadband.

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