Warning! Warning! Warning

  stalion 20:27 21 Sep 04

the new Mydoom.y virus is on the loose it takes over your registry and prevents any alteration to it afterwards.The windows firewall is to weak to stop this virus apparently,so make sure you have a good FIREWALL

  It's Me 20:39 21 Sep 04

Now isn't that good news! It didn't take 'em long then did it.

I trust that my router and Zone Alarm will cope OK.

  bremner 20:48 21 Sep 04

As My Doom is a worm virus - I think it is an upto date decent antivirus program that you require.

A router / and or firewall is not going to help you much.

click here

  stalion 20:59 21 Sep 04

More info for you
But perhaps the most worrying aspect of MyDoom-Y is that it registers itself as a legitimate program in the firewall of XP, allowing an attacker unrestricted access to the system, while attempting to terminate any antivirus software that may be running. And it doesn't require password breaking measures to get access to change the firewall - it simply runs RegEdit

  CurlyWhirly 21:02 21 Sep 04

I am using McAfee Firewall Plus, does anyone know if this is a 'good' firewall?

  CurlyWhirly 21:04 21 Sep 04

The windows firewall is to weak to stop this virus apparently,so make sure you have a good FIREWALL

Forgive me but I though it was the role of anti-virus software to detect viruses NOT firewalls?
Unless this Mydoom.y virus is different from other viruses?

  CurlyWhirly 21:05 21 Sep 04

I have just read your reply to Bremner so ignore my replies!

  stalion 21:06 21 Sep 04

my second post explains more

  It's Me 21:06 21 Sep 04

I do have a fully uptodate Norton antivirus running as well. I was simply responding to the kind alert of stalion.

  bremner 21:38 21 Sep 04

stalion your point is a good one, but only relevant if you allow the virus in in the first place. So an up to date good AV is essential.

  Gaz 25 21:39 21 Sep 04

Install up-to-date antivirus and a firewall and you should be ok.

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