Warning: New variant of Sober worm.

  dagwoood 12:49 19 Apr 05

Make sure your anti-virus definitions are up to date and be careful opening unsolicited emails click here

  Indigo 1 13:38 19 Apr 05

Intersting read especially the page called "Gadzooks! My PC has the pox".

Read it and you will discover that "Unfortunately over the last year or so, AVG has become less useful. Typical problems include flagging up infected files but offer no immediate way of deleting them."

They do go on to list lots of alternatives including Avast.

  Indigo 1 13:38 19 Apr 05

Forgot the shortcut click here

  g0slp 13:43 19 Apr 05

That article ("Gadzooks! My PC has the pox") was dated November 2004, & in fairness to AVG weren't they changing to v7 then?

The sheer number of updates from AVG in recent weeks seems to me to say that AVG are still doing their best to stay at on top of things.

  Kate B 19:44 19 Apr 05

My mum has had one of these emails - and I can't be sure as I'm not near her machine but I think AVG has dealt with the infection.

  Indigo 1 11:10 20 Apr 05

I didn't notice the date, I too use AVG 7 Proffesional and have great confidence in it, the only time I did get a virus was when I switched to Avast for a short time to try it.

  mbp 11:36 17 May 05

Recommend you update and run your anti virus more often than before and do not open emails or attachments from unknown sources. See:


Sober.K worm was seeded in e-mails on 21st of February 2005. It is quite similar to the previous variants. Sober.K sends itself as an attachment in e-mail messages with English or German texts.

Detailed Description

The worm is written in Visual Basic. The worm's file is a UPX packed PE executable about 52 kilobytes long. The unpacked worm's file size is over 179 kilobytes. The worm adds random garbage to the end of its file every time it installs itself on a computer.

Installation to System

When the worm's file is started it opens Write text editor with the following text as a decoy: "

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