Warning CPU has been changed !!

  martin p 09:08 08 Dec 10

Hi All

At startup,I am getting a message saying CPU has been changed, and needs to be reset in the bios ?

I have changed nothing, I then hit F1 as it stops at this point, then everything is fine.
Any Idea's
Martin p

  gengiscant 09:13 08 Dec 10

Are you using an Asus motherboard?

  martin p 11:56 08 Dec 10

Yes it is, Board: ASUSTeK !!

Thank you, gengiscant, (but mabe you can)

  gengiscant 12:58 08 Dec 10

This is a known problem,not really any real reason for the pop up message, I have had it on a number of occasions, but I do tweak a lot of settings and dabble in a bit of overclocking.

Its not really a big deal and if you get it again hit F1 then when in the BIOS where hitting F1 takes you just hit the F10 key then OK and that should be it sorted.

  martin p 15:15 08 Dec 10

Thanks for your help, gengiscant

Martin p

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