Jarvo 19:39 26 Apr 04

I have just had a letter from EU Registry Services Based in Cambridge warning me that my .biz domain was about to expire and asking me to send them a cheque for anywhere between £60 and £270 pounds to renew it. Now having read something about this in the past I contacted my web host one and one who confirmed that it was a hoax and suggested that I send the letter to traiding standards.

I just thought I would post this as a warning / reminder to forum users


  Forum Editor 22:38 26 Apr 04

know all about these people, and there have been many warnings on the internet. Nevertheless, it does no harm to have a reminder - thanks Jarvo.

  Forum Editor 22:46 26 Apr 04

Cambridge trading Standards on: 0845 3030666 are logging all instances of these letters, as are Cambridge Police on: 01480 456 111

  Jarvo 20:05 27 Apr 04

Thanks for the numbers FE, trading standards have an investigation underway I get the feeling that I am one of thousands who have complained, lets just hope that who ever is responsible for this outfit gets their just deserves and not just a few hours comunity service.

  Taran 10:42 01 May 04

I've just received a copy of the same kind of letter from the same company about a domain of mine that has another two months left on it before it requires renewal.

Cambridge Trading Standards have just been informed by telephone and by letting them know you don't have to call Cambridge Police as well, since they liaise with one another and swap information about those who lodge a complaint.

Just thought I'd mention it.


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