Wanted CD lable printing program

  Ambasedor 13:25 20 Jan 05

Where can I get or download a CD lable and insert printing program?

  ACOLYTE 13:35 20 Jan 05

click here

Version 2.1 free download.

  tenplus1 14:00 20 Jan 05

Nero Burning Rom comes with a pretty neat cd/dvd labelling program that does both covers and the actual cd and comes with templates for most cd label types.

  Buchan 35 19:49 20 Jan 05

I`m not too sure about this but a friend who does his own DVDs and CDs said that printing a paper label and affixing it to the disc can eventually warp the disc. I`m not clued up on this and would like an expert to comment.
Ambasedor, I`m not really hijacking as a response may be beneficial to you too.

  Buchan 35 19:51 20 Jan 05

Should have added that he prints onto the disc as tenplus1 says.

  Sapins 20:02 20 Jan 05

Do not use a paper, adhesive backed label on a CD if you are going to play it in a car CD Player. The paper can start to come away and jam in the players rollers thereby ruining the player permanently.

  Bingalau 20:13 20 Jan 05

How is it possible to print direct on to a C.D. Please?

  wallbash 20:31 20 Jan 05

You need a recent printer such as a Canon i865 or an Epson 300. Then purchase the printable cd Discs. These are not really anymore expensive.

Personally still stick CD labels on to discs, never have problems, but then never use in the car (rollers) but fine on computer

  jakimo 21:10 20 Jan 05

The Epson R200 will produce first class direct printed disc's,as well as excellent photo prints, and is cheaper than the Canon 865 and the Epson R300

  jakimo 21:14 20 Jan 05

I should have mentioned that printed cd\dvd labels can be fiddly ,and not totally reliable

  Ambasedor 16:58 20 Apr 05

I have a DVD-RW I have recorded some Audio through a program called Dexter in wav form.

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