want to stop kids getting onto PC..thankyou

  bof:) 21:47 01 Feb 04

Hi All,

Brother-in-law has bought a new PC and is planning to put the old puter in the kids bedroom.

At the moment it will not be connected to the net but he wants to know if there are any good (hopefully free) programs that he can put on the kids PC that means they cannot work it without him putting a password in for them.

I do know about passwording the bios but always thought that this was a bit dangerous, especially if you loose/forget the password.

The PC in question will be using win98se.

Many thanks,


  Pesala 21:52 01 Feb 04

If you do lose/forget it you can remove the cmos battery, but BIOS passwords tend to be short and simple. Just use a simple one, but one that the kids have never heard of, like "hardwork."

  Cuddles 21:56 01 Feb 04

I agree with Pesala go for simple password in bios, tread carefully removing cmos battery though if you forget password.

  DieSse 23:49 01 Feb 04

He ain't gonna forget the BIOS password if it has to be put in almost every day - is he!

  Forum Editor 00:06 02 Feb 04

but I don't see the point of this. Why does your brother-in-law want to prevent the children from using the computer? I would have thought the whole idea was for them to use it, and anyway, what's the point of the password? It seems like putting an obstacle in the way just for the sake of it. The children can't really come to any harm, especially as the machine isn't going to be online.

It's none of my business, and feel free to tell me so, but surely the idea is to let the children learn how to use a computer responsibly - and that won't be achieved by locking them out of it unless their father's there to put in a password.

  kev.Ifty 00:18 02 Feb 04

Do what i have done for my two kids create user accounts in the childrens names let them choose simple passwords for themselves and B-in-L can be administrator until children are old enough to know not to "click every thing" which is what mine do (5 and 3)

  bof:) 21:58 02 Feb 04

Hi All,

Thankyou all for the advice especially the 'hardwork' password. It made me laugh.

FE I think the idea is because when I let his daughter us my PC she somehow managed to mess it up ( she was playing a kiddies use the mouse to follow a balloon and burst it game... she is 4 years old) but found just pressing loads of keys at a time more fun :-).

when I rebooted it said something like 'setup.exe missing' and I ended up reinstalling windows.

I thik he is just trying to make sure this doesnt happen to this PC.

kev.Ifty good idea I will sugest this to him.

Many thanks for all of your help once again.


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