Want to have two monitors on one PC

  dagbladet 12:19 20 Sep 04

Briefly, I have an oldish PC set up for the kids to play on. Have set up wheel and pedals for son to play driving games, which then makes it awkward for daughter to see screen and access keyboard when she plays her stuff. There is room for two monitors side by side so I don't have to keep dismantling wheel and pedals, but I want to avoid dragging the monitor from side to side depending 'whose turn' it is (and thats another story). So is there a way to have two monitors plugged in at the same time and then 'switch' from left to right as necessary. Does that all make sense?

  dagbladet 12:22 20 Sep 04

Sorry for the double post, finger trouble.

  Agent Smith 12:34 20 Sep 04

Hi you just need a graphics card with "Dual Head" facility. I use an oldish (3 years)ATI Radeon 9200 with dual head to run my two monitors, If you do a lot of copy and paste or like I do have a TV card so That I can watch the news etc in a windowed sceen on one monitor while doing something on the other.

  Lionheart ? 12:37 20 Sep 04

Bit of a read click here

  Stuartli 13:06 20 Sep 04

You can use a dual monitor graphics card as suggested or add a cheap second alternative graphics card. If you have an AGP version then you would require a PCI equivalent.

Windows from 98 upwards instantly recognises in Display Properties>Settings that two monitors are in use and you can configure them as necessary.

  dagbladet 14:16 20 Sep 04

Thanks for all those. I don't envisage using both at the same time. I was perhaps naively thinking I could just get some kind of 'splitter lead' and just switch the right (or left) one on and off as necessary.

  dagbladet 17:54 26 Sep 04

Sorted, I just bought a 'splitter lead' for about £9 and it does the job perfectly.

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