want to go to broadband quoted speed >2Mbps

  j3nks 19:00 17 Dec 03

My exchange is yet to reach it's triger level but in a line test BT say it would be possible to receive it at up to 2Mbps. Is this any good and what is the actual likely to be as I live about 200 meters from the exchange?

  Ivor_Monkey 19:27 17 Dec 03

As you may know, broadband is usually considered to be anything above 512,000 bits per sec (?). This is very fast and perfectly adequate for demanding online games/downloads and surfing. In fact, some people would say it is good enough for most things. Unless you want to stream films or high resolution webcam etc, I would have thought that 2mb (2,000,000 bps)was a bit over the top for current applications if the extra cost (over 512K or 1MB) was anything more than a few pounds.

One advantage of 2mb is that (I think) it gives an advantage in some online gamers. Maybe they need it.

IMO, 512K or 1MB is likely to be enough for the time being. But it depends upon the cost.

  GrahamP 19:29 17 Dec 03

2Mbps is the fastest generally available and not all providers have it . Most Broadband providers offer 512Kbps (about a quarter of 2Mbps.) Some have lower offerings.

200 meters is well within range as long as it's a straight 200.

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  Djohn 19:38 17 Dec 03

Quite a few ISP's are offering 1, 2, 4, and even 8 MPS broadband connections. But as above 512KBS will be fast enough for most purposes, the higher speeds would only be noticed mainly, but not solely in downloading large files/programs from the net. j.

  powerless 20:16 17 Dec 03

Its all vey vey very very very very very well having 2 megzzzz of the download bit.

But your upload remains the same at 256Kzz so...

Of course we lot downlaod more then we upload, but still...

  powerless 20:17 17 Dec 03


  VoG II 20:23 17 Dec 03

Oy Vey!

  j3nks 20:37 17 Dec 03

Thanks for your time just have to wait for my exchange to be upgraded now!

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