Wanadoo Wireless Modem & AOL

  joethebow 18:20 14 Aug 05

I have been using AOL Broadband for some time on a BT Voyager 105 Wired Modem for some time with no problems.

However I have a Laptop and another PC in the house and I thought it would be nice to wire them all up to the net.

I aquired a Wanadoo Wireless Livebox Modem and Wireless card.

I connected them, installed the software, the card saw the livebox, everything appeared OK but, AOL will not talk to the Livebox. I'm sure I've installed the right drivers. The problem appears to be that the Livebox isn't dialing AOL.

Any ideas?

  mattyc_92 18:26 14 Aug 05

How far do you get? Can you post a "screen-dump" please?

  joethebow 18:47 14 Aug 05

I start AOL and it says DNS Error unable to connect. Sorry, don't know how to make a Screen Dump.

  mattyc_92 18:52 14 Aug 05
  joethebow 18:57 14 Aug 05

I just had a look on Ebay and these Modems are listed as only connecting to Wanadoo so I think I've aquired a doorstop.

  mattyc_92 19:00 14 Aug 05

Try using the AOL "Live Support" web chat option and ask them if you can use it and if so, how.

  Taff36 19:03 14 Aug 05

AOL will tell you nothing. They`re only interested in charging you more for supporting their own gear. who makes this Wannado Wireless Livebox anyway?

  mattyc_92 19:06 14 Aug 05

Taff36, erm.... Wannado?

  Taff36 19:31 14 Aug 05

mattyc_92 - OK. Wanadoo. I`m preoccupied with click here click here Just thought I`d take a break and try something I might have a clue about! (Don`t tell me off for hijacking threads either!)

  joethebow 19:34 14 Aug 05

According to this link the LiveBox is locked to the Wanadoo Network, So I'll just have to try selling it on Ebay I suppose. Perhaps I'll get 50p for it.

click here

  pharte 23:01 14 Aug 05

you can only use the "approved" modems that AOL support. I have tried in the past and they have not worked, the main issue is that the MTU setting must be set at 1400 or it will not work at all. Also to be able to connect more than one computer you need to have AOL gold as silver does not support networking.
The official modems are listed on the AOL site and although you may be able to get other ones to work in my opinion it isn't worth the hassle.

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