Wanadoo connection problems

  polo 20:13 04 Feb 05

I'm having terrible trouble with my wireless connection. After hours on their helpline I've got it set up (no thanks to the helpline though)but I can only get on line occasionally and then it disconnects after a while. A complete dead loss. I've now tried an ordinary modem and that's the same I wonder if it's trouble at Wanadoos end as my laptop and PC both indicate that I'm all connected and that the signal is excellent. It's driving me bats and I'm wishing I stayed with dial up. Polo

  Daveboy 21:35 04 Feb 05

I assume you have b/b now, do you lose connection or do you lose service (your adsl light goes out or flashes).

  Kev.Ifty 21:49 04 Feb 05

Do you have any other equipment attached to your phone line? IE another phone (without a filter) a Digital TV box or Alarm or something that could interrupt the connection.?

  polo 16:11 05 Feb 05

I'm connected to mainBT socket with all extensions disabled and no othe thins connected only the wireless bx and 1 phone via filter

  palinka 19:33 05 Feb 05

I understood that you have to have a filter on EVERY socket, even those not in use.

  polo 20:01 10 Feb 05

Out of the blue it all started working (at least most of the time!). I have however had to disconnect all phone extensions inthe house and pug the livebox into the main BT socket before it will work

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