Wallpaper/Background File Location in XP

  Murielson 1 13:09 11 Jun 07

Hopefully one of you learned people will know this straight off as unfortuantely I do not.

Wife has XP at work and is trying to find the file she uses as wallpaper/background so that she can select it and get it printed off.

Unfortunately I am trying to assist by long distance and I have Windows 2000 and therefore am not much use. Tried right click etc (which works on my system as Active desktop shows file) but no luck with XP apparently.

Could someone please assist in identifying how to ID the file location so that she can grab it.

Many thanks in advance.

  missingit 13:15 11 Jun 07

Should be in C:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper (for Windows XP).

  cocteau48 14:51 11 Jun 07

As missingit says the default ones are in C:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper
But the ones which I have added are just in the main C:\Windows folder.
Try looking for Bitmap Image as the file type.

Also if you right click anywhere on the desktop and then properties you will get a Display Properties popup box. Click on Desktop within Display Properties and you should get the name of the wallpaper in the backgrounds list which will allow you to do a search for it.

  Murielson 1 19:51 12 Jun 07

Thanks for the help so far folks but the problem has moved on slightly.

File was found by the wife and has been brought home as Internet Explorer Wallpaper Bitmap Image of 1.17MB that I can't now open.

Could be the floppy disc that it has been copied onto but not certain.

Tried on both home computers (Win 98 and an Xp) with no joy.

Any additional thoughts appeciated - thanks in advance again.

  Murielson 1 09:34 13 Jun 07

Just bumping this back to the front page - any thoughts on the above would be appreciated.

  wee eddie 09:52 13 Jun 07

What format is it saved in. Looks like .bmp so

Right Click the Image > Select "Open with" > with any luck you have a choice of programs there > chose one > If it doesn't open in that chose another > repeat until you find one that it does > When you are satisfied with the chosen program > repeat the Right Click > select that Program again > Click the little box that says something like "Always open with this"

  Murielson 1 10:20 13 Jun 07

Thanks Eddie - info passed on and hopefully will help us retrieve this image.

  Murielson 1 16:06 13 Jun 07

I now have a file titled Internet Explorer Window.Theme that I am told contains the image we are trying to extract.


  keef66 16:13 13 Jun 07

can you open your copy if you right click and rename it to Internet Explorer Window.bmp

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