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  davyjenks 16:45 10 Feb 07

Just lately I've spent a lot of time sitting there when surfing looking at the phrase "waiting for" any website I'm looking for, in firefox the connection times out and in IE7 it just waits forever or so it seems.
Any ideas.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:51 10 Feb 07

Any particular site?

Every site?

Are you on broadband?

Any delays with email collection?

  davyjenks 16:06 11 Feb 07

Almost all sites Diodorus, as for broadband I share a wireless connection and I wonder if it has a firewall that is interfering with reception, I don't do the network supervisor thing so I don't know about that stuff. Email seems to work ok.

  birdface 16:19 11 Feb 07

This was in another thread ,Dont know if its your problem,But might help.click here

  davyjenks 17:00 11 Feb 07

Thanks for that, buteman. I,ve downloaded that plugin and I'm hoping that things will improve in IE7, trouble is I usually use Firefox ( I love the stumble add on it's great fun)
Anyone else have any ideas?

  birdface 11:48 12 Feb 07

Dont know anything about wireless connections,But ther seems to be a few about with the same problem,Try control panel.Network connections,Right click local area connection,And press repair,See if you get any problem with DNS Cache.

  davyjenks 20:42 12 Feb 07

Thanks for that buteman, did what you suggested and it does seem to improve things a little, or is it my imagination?
Anyone else?

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