WAhhhhh Help!!! Files lost.

  RyanJ 23:42 06 Jan 05

I just went into explorer to find that loads of my files are missing, no-onne else uses my computer, I have a firewall and an in need of advice.

Can anyone suggest a way to get these files back?

Please help.


  RyanJ 00:05 07 Jan 05


  Ivor_Monkey 00:11 07 Jan 05

explorer may be corrupt. What about going into my computer. Can you work thru the diretories to your files?

  toni b 00:12 07 Jan 05

Have you done a search on your computer or checked the rubbish bin they might be there if only yopu using the computer then chances are there still around

  Ivor_Monkey 00:12 07 Jan 05

failing that:
Do you have something like goback installed?

  RyanJ 00:14 07 Jan 05

goback, what is this?

Yes, I have cheched recycle and nothing.

  Ivor_Monkey 00:20 07 Jan 05

Goback is a norton program that takes a copy of a system in case you need to back to a previous time (like a time machine). click here

But the fact you need to ask suggests that you do not have it.

Have you checked out "my computer" option. This could also tell you the capacity of the hard disk. I wonder if part of it has failed.

Do you a firewall and anti virus?

  Ivor_Monkey 00:24 07 Jan 05

Apart from recycle, have you done an electornic search throughout the computer?

start/search (of find/ files/ )Type in a few key words and allow the search of the entire computer.

NB. Do not install anything further on the hard disk until you have found your files. If there is a disk falure , there is more chance of recovery if you haven;t written anything.

  RyanJ 00:25 07 Jan 05

I have both firewall and anti-virus.

AVG 7.0, Zone Alarm.

Are there any utilities that may recover these files?


  RyanJ 00:26 07 Jan 05

At least its on my D drive so, its not the primary partition and yes I have tried find etc...

  Ivor_Monkey 00:29 07 Jan 05

You must check that you have not inadverdently moved them somewhere else.
Use "my computer" to physically look and also do an electronic search.

Utilities are only useful if you know roughly where they are.

How many files?

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