W98SE - menu sounds have a click

  DaveTomo 15:52 06 Mar 04

I am trying to help a disabled client who has installed the Underwater theme on his Win98SE PC. Sometimes as he opens each Menu (from Start) it pauses very briefly and then the Open Menu sound has a click in it. He has 512Mb of memory, loads of disk space and a new sound card we bought to try and resolve the problem. We have set his volume controls high and low to no avail.

Sometimes when using a program which speaks the instructions (from WAV files) that also has the crack/click in the sound.

Any clues would be useful.

  Diodorus Siculus 15:59 06 Mar 04

Try the sounds and multimedia applet in the control panel; it may have a special sound enabled there.

Or set a windows default theme.

  Belatucadrus 16:11 06 Mar 04

Have a look in the Underwater theme folder, probably in C:\Program Files \ Plus! \ Themes, then look for a wave file probably called MenuP, menu popup or something. Rename it, move it or delete it and the sound should go away.

  DaveTomo 16:26 06 Mar 04

If my client didn't want to use these sounds I would change them. *I* hate them but he likes them.

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