W8 on a usb key

  Digital 20:10 01 Jun 12

I want to try W8 on a netbook alongside W7. I know there have been articles about doing this but now I want one I can't find one! Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

  rdave13 20:45 01 Jun 12

I think you can install win8 from a usb drive but it was advisable not to try dual boot.link.

Replace your HDD with a cheap one and install win8 via the flash drive would be my advice. It's only an evaluation key you'll get.

  woody 21:18 01 Jun 12

I think the link shows how to load to a hard drive from usb. The poster wants to run from usb.At least thats how i read it.

I have not seen that you can not ,or should not,use dual boot - this is dual boot at the moment with win 8 C.R. In my opinion dual boot is the best option with win8 on its own partition or some may prefer virtual drive.

  woody 21:21 01 Jun 12

This might be better in the WIN8 forum.

  robin_x 21:35 01 Jun 12

I use VMWare, just for a look-see.

W8 Release Preview was released yesterday.

PC Advisor page here. Dual boot instructions link on right.

RP License Key (valid till Jan 2013 I think) is


32 bit

64 bit

Backup your system first if you try for dual boot, just in case.

  rdave13 21:37 01 Jun 12

You can't run Win8 from a flash drive.

  Zeppelyn 00:40 02 Jun 12

rdave says "You can't run Win8 from a flash drive" but indeed you can, Windows 8 supports an option called Windows to Go, which allows you to install the OS on a USB drive and carry a bootable version of Windows around in your pocket. All you need to build one is a Windows 7 or Windows 8 machine and an external drive big enough to hold the OS, temporary files, and some basic applications.


Not tried it myself but just google Windows to Go and there are loads of guides, myself I would only try it with USB3 as would think USB2 would be sluggish. Dual boot is another option if you have the space.

  Zeppelyn 00:43 02 Jun 12

PS Will only be available in the Pro version of final release.

  Digital 18:44 02 Jun 12

Thanks to all of you for your advice which I shall now digest; hope it doesn't give my netbook indigestion!

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