W7 not genuine

  howard64 11:29 12 Feb 11

I have been using a pc with W7 on it for the last 6 months and all microsoft checks have shown it to be genuine. Now after an automatic update it is showing as being non genuine. I have tried system restore but it remains the same. When I click on the ms message it checks and then says that the key is in use on another machine. All the ms site does is offer me a way of paying for a new key. I wonder if the update caused the pc to appear to be as a different machine. Does anyone know how I can get get things sorted? Cheers in advance.

  birdface 11:39 12 Feb 11

Maybe get in touch with whoever sold you the W/7 and if it appears to be genuine phone microsoft to see what their problem is.

  BRYNIT 11:42 12 Feb 11

You do not say if it was a new computer with win7 prinstalled or you purchased win7 seperatly.

You could try activating by phone click here If it is a genuin copy it will activate

  GaT7 11:44 12 Feb 11

There's one sure way to know either way, i.e. whether fake or genuine (& no need to contact anyone at this point).

That is to use Microsoft's MGADiag tool to generate a report, then request an analysis of it at the official MS forums, after opening a fresh thread there.

- Direct MGADiag download: click here (or follow link at click here).

- MGADiag analysis request forum thread example click here.

- Relevant subforum to post in: click here, after registering via click here? - if you already have a Windows Live ID, you can sign in with that.

Couple of past related threads at PCA click here & click here that you may find relevant. G

  howard64 15:00 12 Feb 11

thanks all lots to try thanks again

  GaT7 16:02 13 Feb 11

howard64, were you able to determine if it was a fake, or was it a false alarm? G

  howard64 16:03 13 Feb 11

so far today I have not been able to use the other pc so no change as yet.

  GaT7 16:10 13 Feb 11

I see, so you have not asked for help at the MS forum or contacted Microsoft? If it is a false alarm the MS forum will be able to help too.

If you read my posts in the other threads, I had a similar experience to you, & was confirmed to be fake the first time. G

  howard64 16:19 13 Feb 11

Thanks Crossbow7 where are your other posts?

  GaT7 16:22 13 Feb 11

See the last 2 links in my post of Sat, [email protected]:44. G

  howard64 16:31 13 Feb 11

sorry Crossbow7 I was being daft I thought you meant another entry somewhere else, silly me. My other pc is in the office at the back of the garage and I have a lot of stuff between me and it until late tomorrow. Obviously from what you put I need to run the report etc., from that pc so it will be after the stuff goes. I am due to have some teeth out tomorrow pm so I wont even be able to get my teeth into it until much later, lol.

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