W7 laptop - 'limited connectivity'

  onthelimit 12:03 04 Dec 10

Friend has a Plusnet BB with an old Belkin router. Her old laptop connects wirelessly with no problem (she's running it as an unsecured network). New W7 laptop sees the connection but then says no internet. Brought the lappy home and it connects to my Thompson router fine. I've suggested she ring Plusnet and ask for a newer model router, but am I missing something here?

  onthelimit 12:04 04 Dec 10

Forgot to mention that it won't connect by ethernet cable either.

  mgmcc 16:33 05 Dec 10

Can you or friend run IPCONFIG /ALL in a Command Prompt window, right click in the window, "Select All" and press Enter to copy the details to the clipboard. Paste the details into a forum reply here.

As she is unable to paste the details directly from the computer, because it cannot get online, paste them instead into a blank "Notepad" file, transfer the file to a working PC and copy/paste the details from there.

The inability to get online with a wired ethernet cable suggests it's a PC issue and not the router.

  onthelimit 17:12 05 Dec 10

Thanks mgmcc, but if it's the PC, why can I connect to my Thompson router with it? I shall not be able to get there to follow your advice until Tues/Wed, so will post back then.

  ashleycardwell94 17:14 05 Dec 10

check the settings on the laptop and make sure it is getting its ip address from the router and that it isnt set manually.

  onthelimit 12:48 10 Dec 10

While I was away, she ordered a new (free) Thompson router from Plusnet. I called, installed and the laptop connected straight away.

Looks as though some of the older ones don't like Windoze 7.

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