W7 Backup

  m800afc 07:37 13 Jun 11

I have an 80Gb SSD as my system (C) drive. At the moment there is 21.2Gb free of 74.4Gb. I tried to setup W7 Backup, but was astonished to read a message saying that the backup would need 303.7Gb of free disc space on the destination drive. What is going on that needs that much space? Surely there has got to be a less "hungry" way of making a backup.

  sunnystaines 07:55 13 Jun 11

what size partition are you setting the backup to

  m800afc 08:09 13 Jun 11

The destination drive (D) is 1Tb total. There is an unused partition (Z) which has 87.8Gb total free. I would have thought that files amounting to 53Gb total should fit onto a 87.8Gb partition. I am using W7 Pro.

  onthelimit1 10:05 13 Jun 11

If you use something like Paragon (free), that will compress the backup into much less (27Mb in my case).

  Zeppelyn 14:25 13 Jun 11

Have just checked my C drive backup and the folder size is approx 66% of total used on C using Windows 7 backup. When you first set it up it suggests the best backup location. Are you sure you have ticked just the C drive as by default it will include your libraries in the backup.


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