W7 Back-Up v Acronis/Paragon

  onthelimit1 10:09 01 Sep 12

I've just realised that W7 has a facility to burn a System Repair disk followed by a full image backup to an external drive. I've used Paragon and Acronis in the past for this, but was wondering if anyone on these forums has used the Windows version.

  sharpamat 10:25 01 Sep 12

I have used this to both save to an external drive and restore from, whilst not the fastest I have never had problems.

I also found that be storeing 2 images, I can keep fully updated and each time I made a new image previous ones can be delated

  rdave13 10:26 01 Sep 12

I've successfully created an image using Windows 7 but the restore left some irritating problems. My burning software, Malwarebytes and Java did not run correctly and needed to be reinstalled. Not really impressed so restored again via Paragon image.

  kdt 11:31 01 Sep 12

I used Dell(2 year old w7 pro) built in system backup though haven't used it yet. Don't know how good that is?

  onthelimit1 12:02 01 Sep 12

Hmm. Ok, thanks. I'm going to need a fresh backup owing to a problem in another thread of mine, have a look if you're interested.Think I may stick to Paragon which I've used before.

  onthelimit1 18:09 02 Sep 12

Made a backup, but wasn't required as a repair install went smoothly with no side effects.

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