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  Prism 19:58 08 Jul 05

My PC has recently been infected with the [email protected] virus worm and I'm having difficulty in removing it.

I have Norton installed and it has been kept up to date via Live Update but still I managed to get it somehow.

I have gone through the Norton write up on how to remove it but to no avail.

I cannot find anything that they have listed in the Registry file or the System file and every now and again the virus lets me know that it is still there.

Has anyone out there experienced this little beast and how did you eradicate it.

One other thing since this happened I have developed a problem with Unread email messages which show on the User log in screen when I start up my PC.

I keep getting informed that I have x Number of unread messages even though there are none at all. I have checked through all of my email folders.

Can anyone explain this or give me a way of resetting this reading.

My operating system is Windows XP with Service pack 2 installed.


  Major Disaster 20:04 08 Jul 05

Dont know about the emails but try these tools to get rid of the virus. Mcafee Stinger click here and Microsoft Malware Removal tool click here download and run both then report back.
Good luck!

  dogbreath1 20:51 08 Jul 05
  dogbreath1 20:53 08 Jul 05
  dogbreath1 20:55 08 Jul 05
  dogbreath1 20:56 08 Jul 05

You'll have to cut and paste it into your browser.

  VoG II 21:00 08 Jul 05

Removal tool click here

E-mail notifications - get TweakUI, Logon, Unread mail.

  VoG II 21:01 08 Jul 05

TweakUI click here

  dogbreath1 21:01 08 Jul 05

It really depends on how much this beast has mutated. This specific beastie isn't listed in the removal tool spec, but in the absence of other options, why not try it?

  Prism 15:42 09 Jul 05

Major Disater, dogbreath1 & Vog,

I have tried all of your recommendations and used the following...

Stinger...................... Found nothing
Microsoft Malaware .......... Found nothing
[email protected] Removal tool.... Found nothing

This variant does not seem to be listed anywhere that I can find, are there any mores ideas out there as this little beast is still there and sends me an email every now and again to let me know.

Thanks everyone for your efforts

  Major Disaster 18:36 09 Jul 05

If Norton is doing anything (which in my past experience with it it doesnt) try one of these. A squared free antivirus click here and Ewido (15 day free excellent trial and after that continued updates and scanning) click here . Download and run these and report back. Also was wondering to anyone else in the forum would hijack this be of any help here?

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