hillybilly 14:16 04 Oct 04

Please do not post a reply on it, we just keep bringing it to the top. Leave it until FE removes it.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 14:29 04 Oct 04

hi i have contacted the FE and he has now deleted it but left no reply.what an idiot though?.do you rekon it was an accident?.how can he accidently hold down "W" and hit enter?.cheers.ben

  Graham ® 14:32 04 Oct 04

Lets hope he's been barred. I got his number anyway, JE-KM, and he's gone on the list.

Might be sensible to have a limit on the number of letters in a subject.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 14:40 04 Oct 04

AGREED!.....i still think he did it on purpose! though what do you think?

  Graham ® 14:43 04 Oct 04

Of course!

  Stuartli 14:56 04 Oct 04

Still a bit of a puzzle as there's a limit of 26 characters for the thread title - perhaps it's something to do with using all capitals?

  JE-KM 15:07 04 Oct 04

Hi I am the one who did it.

I would like to apologise - it was not intentional.

My W key was wedged in, and the cursor key shot off printing more Ws than was neccessary. In a struggle, In a struggle to release my W, the post was submitted.

I looked for a button to remove my thread and couldn't find one, so I left a note inside the thread appologising for disrupting the shape of the webpage.

I am glad that FE has removed it for me, but perhaps we can drop it now, and not call people idiots. This is a mistake that could have happened to anyone, and I am sure people have made posts by mistake before, whether they were too long for the form or otherwise.

  JE-KM 15:09 04 Oct 04

"in a struggle, In a struggle "

I am repeating myself a lot today, lol

  Djohn 15:15 04 Oct 04

Don't worry about it. Many people have made the same or similar mistake in the past requiring miles of sideways scrolling. Your not the first and I doubt the last. ;o)

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 15:18 04 Oct 04

okay - i am sorry for calling you an idiot,i thought it was a wind up,i honestly did think it was funny but it annoyed me a bit,i do believe you,but how is it you managed to do so many "W"s when there is a limit?.and how did you press the submit button?.cheers.ben

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 15:29 04 Oct 04

i am the poster for that,
it was originally recycleing bin - how does it work? - what is the point?
but i had to shorten it so it would fit,
i used the maximum charachters you can use,

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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