W 7 updates today

  john bunyan 13 Oct 11

I had 9 W7 Updates today. When I did a CCleaner "Issues" check in it's registry mode, many things - mainly to do with silverlight (why do I need this anyway ?) showed up. I saved the registry settings then let CCleaner fix all the issues. I wonder why this is not dealt with by MS as part of the update.People who don't do this must have a very messy registry in a few months.

  sunnystaines 13 Oct 11

every silverlight update leaves loads of dead reg entries behind, cannot understand why MS is so slack with silverlight.

  BT 13 Oct 11

My W7 updates totally crashed my McAfee and stopped it working. Couldn't even access McAfee. Ended up having to do a System Restore and everything now OK.

  rdave13 13 Oct 11

*(why do I need this anyway ?) * I don't know really as it wont work with IE9-64bit!

  compumac 13 Oct 11

On my Win 7 CCleaner found that there were more than 49 Silverlight bits and pieces left behind.

  john bunyan 13 Oct 11

rdave13. I have w7 64 bit . I have never noticed silverlight in use, and wonder why MS installs it and updates it. I usually accept all updates as I naievly assume MS know what they are doing! What is it for in any case?

  rdave13 13 Oct 11

It's for viewing videos, If you run This page in IE9 32-bit you'll see the video.

  john bunyan 13 Oct 11

rdave13. It ran ok. Althoigh I have W7 64 bit many programmes only run in 32 bit (eg Photoshop CS5 in 64 bit mode is ok for editing but I launch the 32 bit version for scanning as there are no TWAIN drivers for PS 64 bit). I guess silverlight launches in 32 bit mode as do other programmes in my C: Programme Files(x86). I also have the usual Adobe flash player and Quick time player and am never sure which one is used in these on line videos.

  rdave13 13 Oct 11

Running programs is different to running browsers. You have a choice of browsers. I also run Win 7 64-bit and sometimes if you right click the program icon and select properties and compatibility tab then possibly try Vista service pack 2? If it doesn't work then back to the usual. Worth a try.

  sunnystaines 13 Oct 11

you need silverlight to watch skyplayer on your pc. not found any other uses.

  northumbria61 13 Oct 11

I usually accept all updates by that I presume you have your updates set to Automatic? You can change this in Control Panel - Windows Updates - Change Settings - change to Download Updates but let me choose whether to Install them. This gives you greater control over you updates - critical/optional. Those you choose not to install you can hide.


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