Vynil's to CDs

  Dickptwo 14:20 27 Nov 04

On advice from the forum I obtained Phono leads and downloaded the software to transfer old vyni LPs to CDs.I cant get my PC to detect any sound from my stereo unit.
My computer is Advent 3.4GHz, 512MBt ram DVD/CDRW
Please help

  Peverelli 14:27 27 Nov 04

Which sockets have you plugged the phono leads into?
What software are you using?

  pj123 14:44 27 Nov 04

Peverelli has beat me to it. But I would also like to reiterate, What software did you download and where are you plugging your cables?

You might like to try typing "vinyl to CD" into the PC Forum search engine, I have just done that and there are 20 previous answers to this question.

  Dickptwo 14:48 27 Nov 04

I have used two 3.5 plugs from the headphone socket on my stereo unit.Plugged into the line in socket on the PC

  Dickptwo 14:56 27 Nov 04

Sorry I forgot to add the software I used
It is called "Audacity",Ive also tried Nero,and MS Media Player

  Peverelli 16:17 27 Nov 04

Try recording using Window's Sound Recorder:

Start > Programs > Accessories > Entertainment > Sound Recorder

to see if the PC is picking up the audio from your stereo.

  Peverelli 16:24 27 Nov 04

Just checking. Is this the cable you are using?

click here

  wotbus@ 16:47 27 Nov 04

Hi. Just been down this road myself. Take your Analog autio out from your preamp and connect to the Mic [not line] input of your card. Adjust the volume to max with your software [PC] ENSURING YOUR PREAMP O/P IS ON MINIMUM to begin, then set the level with your preamp output providing it is variable. If it is fixed, adjust at the PC end but ENSURE THE LEVEL IS ON MINIMUM before adjusting.

  Dickptwo 14:18 04 Dec 04

Many thanks for the help from the forum
Im leaving it now , I think Santa is bringing some new software on the 25th

  Dickptwo 14:21 04 Dec 04

Sorry ! I forgot to tick the resolved box

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