vsmon.exe ( ZoneAlarm)

  dads3a 01:04 24 Mar 07

I've been getting quite a lot of vsmon.exe errors that are making the true vector service close.

Is this just a matter of re-installing Zonealrm and seeing if it fixes it.


  chocolate cake 01:36 24 Mar 07

try this link from ZA user forum. click here

After uninstalling and going through all the cleanup stages, you should be able to do a clean install.

If you're running ZA Pro save your License key somewhere. Notepad is a good tool to use for this.

  SLAYER 07:29 24 Mar 07

Very useful tip.

  dads3a 13:53 24 Mar 07

I've done the uninstall as per the instructions from chocolate cake.

Reinstalled and still getting the same problem.

Any other ideas.

  chocolate cake 13:58 24 Mar 07

It looks like you might have conflict with another programme.

If you don't mind me asking, what other software are you using? At what point does the vsmon.exe error occur, startup or hours after?

  chocolate cake 14:10 24 Mar 07

i meant to say "what other security software"

  dads3a 14:23 24 Mar 07

The faults is just intermittent.

Security is AVG 7.5



Advanced Windows Care

  chocolate cake 14:27 24 Mar 07

and are you running just zonealarm or the security suite? Go into Overview and select the 'Product info' tab.

  dads3a 14:30 24 Mar 07

Its just the Firewall version 7.0.337.000

  chocolate cake 14:57 24 Mar 07

I'm afraid that after searching on the ZA forum, I can't find anything that matches your problem. The true vector problems are usually associated with ZASS or with other security software such as Spyware doctor and others.

The only thing that I wouuld suggest is trying their technical help click here to see what they come up with but I've a feeling that they will tell you to do the uninstall using the same method that I've given you.

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