vsmon...99% cpu usage

  msvf 13:50 07 Oct 07

What exactly is this vsmon? It starts to hog cpu cpacity the first time I try to access the web after rebooting. And after about 95,000 page faults, cpu usage dropes back down again.

  VoG II 13:53 07 Oct 07

Zone Alarm click here

  msvf 14:22 07 Oct 07

It didnt fix it.

  brundle 14:25 07 Oct 07

Remove and re-install ZoneAlarm click here

  mfletch 14:28 07 Oct 07

Hi msvf,

is this any help click here

PS/ Why not just switch to using Comodo firewall!

FREE Comodo Firewall Pro/ click here


  msvf 14:38 07 Oct 07

Is this some sort of advertising forum. First I buy some random registry cleaner that i hadn't even heard of, on some random persons recommendation and now I'm beaning told to change my firewall all together after buying zone Alarm pro.
But many thanks to brundle for the only piece of advertisement free advise I,v received.

  VoG II 14:44 07 Oct 07


  mfletch 15:02 07 Oct 07

No advertising,

I thought you was using the FREE Zone Alarm,

And the Comodo is also FREE

Advise is also FREE to you but Costs us TIME


  msvf 15:27 07 Oct 07

Yeah I guess :p . And that link was pretty useful, except for I was denied access when I tried to disable truevector.

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