VRO files to ISO

  tburchell 31 Jan 12

Could someone please help me, I need to copy over a large amount of home recorded DVDs onto my media server. I would like to convert the files (.VRO) to .ISO files without any compression. Could anyone recommend software (free would be great) that would do the job. I am trying out AVS video converter 8.1 but this only works in real time. Is there software that can work a lot faster than this? Any help would be much appreciated. Kind Regards, Tim

  bluesbrother 31 Jan 12

Do you really mean ISO, in case you don't, Freemake Video Converter, a great program. You can get it here PCAdvisor downloads

  tburchell 31 Jan 12

Thank you for your reply. I did mean ISO as I want to create an exact uncompressed copy onto my media drive to play out via my media player on the television. Or is there a better way for me to go?

  robin_x 31 Jan 12

Imgburn will make an iso of the DVD containing DVD_RTAV folder with VRO files etc.

Is that what you had in mind? I don't know if your Media Player will play it though. Have a go.

  bluesbrother 31 Jan 12

You need to convert the file to a different format video file, eg avi. An ISO is a dvd image not a video file.

  robin_x 31 Jan 12

Are you sure? Or am I missing something?

How to play iso or img files

  bluesbrother 31 Jan 12


Yes, to play on a media player. A PC can use them "they need to be either "mounted" with tools like Daemon Tools or burned to CD or DVD in order to see what files the disc image actually contains" (from your link)

Unless you are streaming from a PC to the media player but it seems a lot of unneccessary trouble.

I didn't know VLC could handle ISO's, I love that program.


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