VPN line Knowledge

  lazanda 12:48 05 Aug 03

I have to oversee installation on VPN lines into a building and would like an overview of what they are.
Can anyone give me an idiots guide ? or point me to a site that will tell me ?
from the bottom up, I know nothing at all bout them and their benifits and drawbacks.

Thanks a lot


  Big Elf 13:59 05 Aug 03

Does this help click here

  graham√ 14:23 05 Aug 03

You are indeed fortunate to be overseeing something you know nothing about!

A Virtual Private Network appears to the customer as if a network of links is permanently set up for their use. For example, a home-worker in a remote part of Scotland (or India!), can access a mainframe computer in the HQ in Sheffield. You could have a telephone extension off the HQ phone system too. However, the link is only established when actually needed.

This connection is made over telcos network, so VPN lines don't enter a building on their own. They are delivered by BT, Torch, etc., either as copper pairs or fibre.

They must then be patched into the customers kit, and the kit configured. Which bit will you be concerned with?

  -pops- 14:31 05 Aug 03

As Graham says, fortunate indeed.

In my day, people employed as overseers were ones who had considerable knowledge and experience of the thing they were overseeing.

Your statements "I have to oversee installation" and "I know nothing at all bout them and their benifits and drawbacks" do not gel and would give me great cause for concern it I were your employer.

  lazanda 15:10 05 Aug 03

Sorry if that sounded a bit vague.Part of my role is to keep up with the demands of technology and how they affect our in house system. One forthcoming project is the use of such 'VPN' lines into many of these places that use our system in the form of an upgrade carried out by our IT department.
I have to make sure that all are happy on the operational and the user side.Upon attending meetings I want to at least be able to try to keep up.

Thanks Graham, this info is perfect
Thanks Big Elf, I will be reading this too


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