voyager 105 DSL light blinking

  keewaa 17:14 31 Mar 06


On the BT voyager 105 click here the middle DSL light is blinking. Does this mean the problem is always the supply of DSL and not the computer ..... ie the telephone wiring or microfilters or actual dsl signal or modem itself etc. I just want to confirm that I am correct in assuming this means it is upstream of the modem and cannot be downstream (ie not the computer)


  wobblymike 20:05 31 Mar 06

You need to fix this before you worry about anything else. you dont even need the pc switched on to get this far - your modem should be powered up with the adsl lead going from its connector at the back of the modem via a filter to your extension cable or BT socket whatever set up you have. In this configuration your power and dsl light should be on and the dsl light should be on steady and not flashing. Perhaps you would like to check this and post back

  keewaa 20:20 31 Mar 06

Yes everything is setup correctly, I was just checking before I ring the ISP or BT.

I'll take it back to the master socket, but if it is still faulty there what else can I do but ring BT and ask them to turn the gain up.

Although The ISP is AOL, are BT under an obligation that the line should provide ADSL and should they upgrade or do the necessary to the home cables for free? (It is less than 3km from the exchange).

  wobblymike 15:39 01 Apr 06

Who your ISP is is irrelevant, either your line is ADSL enabled or it isn't, If you plug your modem into the master socket via a filter, don't worry about connecting it to the PC, and then power it up the dsl light should go steady green within 30 secs. If it continues to flash, then either the modem is faulty, the filter is faulty or BT have not yet enabled your line.

  keewaa 09:12 02 Apr 06

If it is the BT cabling (either inside the house or outside) are BT liable to fix it for free to the extent that a working broadband signal should be coming out of the BT mastersocket ?

  wobblymike 13:35 02 Apr 06

As I understand BTs process, if you request an engineer to visit your house to fix this problem and the fault is found to be in the BT system then it costs you nothing. If the fault is found in your set up then you get charged.

Have you done the test I suggested in my post at 1539 yesterday above?

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