vote of confidence for this forum

  stalion 20:06 07 Sep 04

let's have some support for this forum and the F.E.and all the personell that work in the background to keep it going. Instead of all the complaints at this time.
viva la forum!!

  Magik ®© 20:13 07 Sep 04

it would help more by buying the magazine each month.....

  stalion 20:17 07 Sep 04

I already buy the magazine.What has that got to do with a vote of confidence?

  CHAIRLEG 20:18 07 Sep 04

Things could be a lot worse,try to imagine life without this forum.Ater a very short time everyone would be praying for it to be back.Slow or whatever.

  sidecar sid 20:21 07 Sep 04

Indeed it must be trying times enough at PCA towers without us lot harping on about how slow the forum is.So lots of praise to the FE and all his team for there hard work in maintaining what must be one of the largest forums in the uk if not the entire planet.

  Dorsai 20:26 07 Sep 04

I subscribe to the mag, so don't want to go and buy it. (i pay for it already)

But a vote for?

Done. Voted for. support expressed.

Whats the emoticon for 'thumbs up'?

  Meshuga 20:38 07 Sep 04

They`ve got mine. Meshuga.

  Simon_P 20:41 07 Sep 04

And in return I get the mag.

Seems a fair deal to me

"Vote yes"

  chugby 20:45 07 Sep 04

agree your comments...marvellous site!

  CurlyWhirly 20:47 07 Sep 04

and I buy the magazine every month without fail.

  holly polly 20:52 07 Sep 04

I have never questioned the integretity of the forum in any way, as a seasoned member i have seen the forum numbers increase dramatically ,my posting earlier was leaning to the technical problems,let me clarify a point right now ,i have never sought to undermine the usefullness of this forum ,that is why i'm a member.aint that the truth F.E ?
F.E take a well deserved bow sir for the excellent service you and your colleauges supply -here here -Hol Pol....

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