Voluntary donations

  Megatyte 03:32 19 Jul 03

I've just seen a post in the ConsumerWatch forum click here ...and I thought " How many people actually donate"

A lot of Helproom users use(and recommend) Spybot. How many of you have actually donated? I must admit that I use it and have not paid a penny. I'm not being judgemental here, just curious.


  muppetmark 08:20 19 Jul 03

There are a number of freeware prog writers in a similar position as PepiMK, Javacool and merjinn If we don't donate we may find they have to go where the money is :-(.

Gladiator Antivirus has ceased, the writer snapped up by an AV software house.
I notice the latest release of JV16 is now paid for version.

Perhaps we should support the little guys more than we do.

  golfpro 08:43 19 Jul 03

There is another side to this, what if you and others subscribe, and then find that the writer has done a disappearing act to another company and closed the site, but I suppose this a chance we all take with any softwear weather paid for or free.

  Megatyte 23:42 21 Jul 03


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