Volume icon not showing on taskbar

  ponytail 11:02 26 Feb 13

Would anyone know why my volume control by the clock is sometime not there.Sometimes when I turn the PC on the icon is not there and othertimes it is there.It is not there now but when I right click on a blank space near the clock and then click on properties the volume icon says off but is not highlighted so am ubable to turn it on this happens on a regular basis.If i reboot my PC now can almost guarantee the volume icon will be there.Any ideas out there

  northumbria61 11:14 26 Feb 13

Go to Services - scroll down to find Windows Audio - right click on it - Properties - Start up Type - make sure it is set to Automatic - Apply - OK. You may need to click on Restart the Service.

  Zurdo 11:49 26 Feb 13

I've just had a similar problem but it was the connection icon missing and greyed out when right clicking taskbar, properties, notification area. The solution I found was to end explorer.exe under task manager, then under the file menu New task (run) type explorer.exe as a new task. Did the trick for me without messing about under regedit as some folks advised.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:02 26 Feb 13

Are you sure its not just "hidden"

click the arrow on the left of the system tray to display the hidden items

  ponytail 16:26 26 Feb 13

Hi northumbria61 where do I find services fruit bat/\o/\ There is no arrow there all the items seem to be showing

  ponytail 16:26 26 Feb 13

Hi northumbria61 where do I find services fruit bat/\o/\ There is no arrow there all the items seem to be showing

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:31 26 Feb 13

Start - Run (XP) Search (Vista W7)

type services.msc

press enter

  northumbria61 18:20 26 Feb 13

Try right click on taskbar - properties - Under Taskbar Tab - Volume - Should show con & Notifications (or change to) You should unlock taskbar to do this and then lock after making any changes.

  northumbria61 18:22 26 Feb 13

Sorry - should have added after Under Taskbar Tab click on Customize then follow on from there.

  ponytail 09:52 27 Feb 13

Hi again northumbria61 Still having problems getting the volume icon to appear can I be a pain in the neck and ask you to explain it step by step.At the moment the icon is not showing

  northumbria61 10:41 27 Feb 13

I am giving you instructions here for Windows 7 but it should/may apply to other OS. Go to Control Panel - Notifications Area Icons - Select which Icons and Notifications appear on the taskbar - Choose Volume Icon - then you should change the option to Show Icon and Notifications - click OK

Have you already checked SERVICES to see if Windows Audio is running and set to Automatic?


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