voice to text on pc???? Urgent help needed

  new214 13:44 05 Aug 08

Heya all I need to find some sort of software or hardware that will be able to record voice as text on a pc? Ive googled it and 2 come to mind which are dragon preffered 9 and ibmvia voice - but are there any free ones out there??

Also it need to be able to work with different voices from different people as the intended usage is for something like in a meeting or interview.

  MAJ 14:29 05 Aug 08

Voice recognition software has to be 'trained' to recognise an operator's speech, so I doubt you could get it to work 'on the fly' (so to speak) for different voices as in your meeting/interview example.

  MAJ 14:34 05 Aug 08

Forgot to add, if you have Office XP or Office 2003, and Windows XP or Vista, you already have some free voice recognition software. I don't think it's available with Office 2007, though.

  new214 14:43 05 Aug 08

Yes Ive got windows xp but that wont convert speech to text. Wont the 2 softwares that Ive listed above - dragon prffered 9 or IBM via voice - wont they do the trick e.g. in a meeting or interview

  MAJ 14:57 05 Aug 08

Speech Recognition in Windows XP: click here

The SR engine needs to be trained to recognise the way a particular operator speaks, so multiple voices can't be recognised at the same time. Dragon and ViaVoice have the same limitation as far as I am aware, new214.

  new214 15:01 05 Aug 08

Arent there any devices/hardware which will convert speech to text (which can have multiple people using/speak to it)?

  MAJ 15:06 05 Aug 08

Other than a Dictaphone and a secretary, I can't think of any off-hand, new214. Maybe some of our more office orientated users know of something.

  new214 15:10 05 Aug 08

Can the windows speech recognition convert speech into text?

  MAJ 15:21 05 Aug 08

Yes, have a read at that link I posted above.

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