g0slp 08:00 28 Feb 05

Does anyone have any idea about why I cannot access this site? I was able to access it in early December before I went away to sea until yesterday. As far as I know nothing has been changed on the family PC which I am trying to access the site from. I go through the user name/password page & get the 'secure/non-secure' option, then the next page gives the 'personal' Vodafone welcome, & that's it.

I've spoken to Vodafone, & the agent I spoke to was able to log in without problem, so it looks as though it's at this end. Interestingly the agent told me that they were on NTL BB, as I am, from their own home, & that they found vodafone.net to be slow. I don't recall any problem before I went away, though.

Any ideas, folks?

  AubreyS 08:32 28 Feb 05

Nor can I. Are you sure its not this site? click here

  g0slp 08:53 28 Feb 05

Thanks for response, but no, all that happens when you follow the 'Vodafone mail' link is that you are routed to vodafone.net.

  AubreyS 09:31 28 Feb 05

I went to the mail link and I got the login page. So I don't know why you cannot get there unless its a cookies thing.

  Crash 09:31 28 Feb 05

I can view it from here. Is there any error messages or will the site just not load? Try clearing your browser cache.

  g0slp 13:46 01 Mar 05

Crash, thanks your reply. Clearing the browser didn't help, but I'm now sure that it's some security setting here. (IE + Norton). I managed to access Vodafone on another machine without problem, hence my thinking 'security settings'

I'll leave the thread open for now.

  mattyc_92 14:57 01 Mar 05

Works here.... click here as this is the site that has opened for me when typing in "Vodafone.net"....

  spuds 15:13 01 Mar 05

I have been using the Vodafone UK site for the past week, never had any problems.Just tried it now, and it seems okay.

  spuds 15:17 01 Mar 05

Should have stated that the Vodafone.net displays an email login screen. Seems okay also.

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