Vodafone 543 Mobile Phone - Calibration Wizard Nightmare??!!

  Graphicool1 26 Jun 11


My wife has a Vodafone 543 Mobile Phone and every time she turns it on the damn Calibration Wizard runs. It's driving her crazy and me too, by association.

I've done online searches for a solution and seen that others too are suffering. So far the only suggestion I've seen, that works, is to leave the phone switched on. I've emailed Vodafone about this problem, however, while I'm waiting for a reply I thought I would give you guys a crack at it.

  Lazarus The 2nd 27 Jun 11

Second review down Click here

Dave says, "is easy enough to use as long as it's been correctly calibrated (ie using a stylus rather than mashing the screen with your thumb)."

Have you tried that?

  Graphicool1 27 Jun 11

Hi Lazarus The 2nd

"Have you tried that?"

From what I've seen, no she hasn't. In fact I've never seen her use a stylus at all. I didn't even know such a thing came with it? But I'll tell her what 'Dave' said and see what happens, toes crossed!

  Graphicool1 29 Jun 11

Lazarus The 2nd

Well, I told her what 'Dave' said and she said...No, she hadn't used the stylus. However, I'm sure you'll agree when I say her reason for not using it was reasonable. It's because her phone doesn't come with a stylus. So I can only guess that either Dave was talking about another phone or he was using a stylus from another phone?

I'm waiting on delivery of my T-Mobile Pulse Mini smart phone. That has a stylus, so she'll be able to try that.

  Stormie777 31 Jul 11

I was having the same problem with the calibration wizard running whenever I turned the phone back on. I read what Lazarus The 2nd said about using a stylus (and NO, one doesn't come with the phone so I used a pen with the nib retracted) and it said 'done' immediately, whereas before, I was using my thumb to press those annoying little squares popping up in the corner and the centre of the phone - over and over and over again. I can understand why it was driving you nuts. Thanks Lazarus.


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