VMWare Linux Ubuntu - Cannot find my Hard Disk....

  simmo09 10:55 06 May 08

I tried a few weeks back installing linux ubuntu on my XP system which ended in disaster with the guided partitioner, in it formatted both my C: and D: partition.

Coming back and trying again, this time ive created a virtual OS in VMWare, all up and running. But as with the last time i need to install my atheros adapter, so it needs madwifi installing. Ok, but in linux vmware i cannot find my hard disks. Im aware that this linux is installed virtually, but how can i show my NTFS drives inside this?

Is it by means of virtual disk of some kind and if so how?


  rawprawn 11:47 06 May 08

Try Wubi that way you don't need to partition your HDD click here
I used this method last week on recommendation after trying other ways.

  simmo09 11:53 06 May 08

thanks for the link i will try it, but first:

-> it says its safe, is it?
-> can i still use my atheros wifi/madwifi?
-> so you have had no problems?


  simmo09 12:42 06 May 08

ok im going to go ahead with the install, but its trying to use the internet to download the ISO i think. If so i already have the ISO can i just copy the files?

  simmo09 13:06 06 May 08

ive read on google and it says on some sites put the ISO in same folder. It doesnt work because i have the desktop live version. I dont want to download the alternative if possible, can i do it how i originally wanted with VMWare?

  rawprawn 14:57 06 May 08

I don't know a great deal about Ubantu, but if I were you I would get rid of all that you have done so far and install using the link I gave. If you don't like it you can uninstall via add/remove programs no problem. Yes it is safe I installed it but only kept it a few days to try it out, and then uninstalled it. I tried various ways to install it but after a lot of advice from this forum used the method I gave you.
Make a restore point before you start, and back up using Acronis if you have it. Then all is covered with belt and braces.

  simmo09 15:23 06 May 08

Thanks for the info, didnt fancy downloading the ISO it forces on me again though. Will try it later cheers for the info, never heard of wubi before.

  rawprawn 16:46 06 May 08

You don't need an ISO, you just download it and install it as any other Program such as MS Office, the only difference is that when you reboot it gives you the opportunity to boot in Ubuntu or XP

  rawprawn 16:47 06 May 08

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