Vista's Defrag untility

  wotbus@ 17:35 24 Aug 07

Some prefer 3rd party defrag utilities over XP but what about Vista?
Any Vista users care to comment please?
Thanks in advance.

  sunny staines 17:45 24 Aug 07

it should be ok as it is meant to run automatic in the background when the pc is idle

  wotbus@ 18:10 24 Aug 07

Thanks sunny staines.
Whilst on the subject of comparing XP to Vista - is the firewall OK compared with ZoneAlarm for example?
I ask as a friend has just bought a laptop with Vista and I have it here next to me in order to check out the wifi side of things.
She has asked me to install all the stuff I have already put on her Desktop (XP) and I was wondering if it is really necessary.

i have used this since feb no problems, fast and shows you what it's doing click here

  gudgulf 19:09 24 Aug 07

I'm using PC Tools free firewall click here which seems to work well.

I cannot recommend Vista's built in firewall.

See click here

By default the outbound protection is switched off in even though it is touted as a two way firewall,unless you go into the advanced options and manually configure it you only get inbound protection.

Worse still it allows for automatic inbound access for all programs that "phone out" from your pc.Fine for installing a web browser like Firefox...but get any malware on your pc and it will have unfettered web access.....whilst you believe you are protected.

  gudgulf 19:22 24 Aug 07

And as for defragmenting...I let Windows get on with a weekly scheduled run.......with a little help to speed things up.

So I also use this click here

Vista's defragmenter runs as a low priority can take ages running in the background.

Power defrag is much quicker (the initial run does take a while though!) and can be used to defrag individual files and folders.That's very useful if you install a large program such as a game since you can defrag just the game folder rather than an entire disc.

There's no fancy GUI though,just a workmanlike DOS shown in the link.

  wotbus@ 19:33 24 Aug 07

Thanks for the feedback. I am much obliged as I now have a better appreciation of what I am doing.
Thanks again.

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