PC guy 11:08 18 Apr 08

I read about Vistamizer which will change the look of XP and make it lok like Vista.
I just wanted to know if that software is actually that good. Or does it mess ur computer?
It also said u can turn it back to XP if I wanted. Is that actually that easy?

Some advice would be greatly apreciated

  simmo09 11:15 18 Apr 08

try bricopacks they worked good for me on XP. they also have crystal and longhorn.

trust me vista aint that good! the crystal one is good if you google it, the file is around 20mb i think, full transformation from xp to x

  Shortstop 13:35 18 Apr 08


I used the bricopacks vista look-like software click here without any problems at all. However, I have now downloaded the Crystal version click here and it looks a lot better!



  PC guy 15:56 18 Apr 08

Thank you very much for you help. I have decided to download Bricopaks instead of Vistamizer.

Thanks for all ur coments!

  carlos_11 09:18 12 Nov 08

I downloaded Vistamizer from here(click here) and worked well i didn't had any problems.Someone told me that had problems with the internet browser but didn't happened to me.I like very much my windows new look and I think I'll keep it.If you have a older generation computer I suggest you don't install Vistamizer because your system will run slower.

  carlos_11 09:19 12 Nov 08

Sorry that was the link for Vista Trans Pack here is for Vistamizer click here

  oldbeefer2 09:48 12 Nov 08

And I've just spent hours trying to make Vista look like XP!

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