Doc2 12:23 10 Jan 08

I have a Samsung R70 laptop (Santa Rosa, 2GB RAM) which shipped with Vista Home Premium. I am interested to know whether I can ditch Vista and install XP Pro (I have a licensed and legal copy, believe it or not!). My first impressions of Vista are not great, and I prefer my "comfy slippers" XP OS. Has anyone any views about the wisdom or otherwise of such a move, and do you anticipate any driver:hardware problems? Thanks

  Technotiger 12:27 10 Jan 08

It can be done, lots of info here ... click here

  birdface 12:34 10 Jan 08

Just wondering if you had an external hard drive whither you could have both systems on your computer or would there be a clash of drivers.

  Doc2 12:48 10 Jan 08

Thanks so far. I suspect I may be opening up a can of worms driver-wise. Maybe I should learn to live with Vista? I will not check this resolved just yet in case anyone has specific experience.

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