Vista Upgrade Coupon

  Mr Beeline 17:23 15 Nov 06

Hi folks

Tried a search for this and could not find any comments. So...

Just bought some bits to re-build my PC and of course I purchased a new OEM copy of Windows XP home. I did notice at the time that the price was slightly higher than when I looked last time but thought nothing of it (only around £7 I think). Just looked at the details of the order and the copy of Windows appears to come with a "Vista Upgrade Coupon". Now I new that certain manufacturers were offering this with pre built PC's but had not stopped to think that this would apply when you purchase the O/S separate.

Or have I misunderstood?

Comments anyone?

  mobileman1953 18:24 15 Nov 06

click here

above site giving vista upgrade coupen with xp home edition

  Mr Beeline 21:33 15 Nov 06

Damn... I paid a tenner more than that!

Now I wonder what version of Vista upgrade will be offered? and for how much?

  Mr Beeline 21:36 15 Nov 06

Just read the small print.
IE. "Subject to upgrade, shipping and handling fee from Microsoft"

So they could basically charge you what ever they wanted for it.

Mind you... can't say I'd be too keen to upgrade to a new O/S until the first service pack was out!

  Mr Beeline 22:23 25 Nov 06

Emmmm... Just re-built my PC and noticed that I never got that upgrade coupon, so chased Komplett up and they have said they will send me a form to claim it. Not sure if it will be worth it, but on the principle of "I paid for it, so I want it"....

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