Vista Upgrade Advisor will not woek on my PC

  6511 11:55 24 Mar 07

Forum search facility down, unable to check 4 previous postings.

I have a MESH pc which the vista advisor will produce no report for. PC specs are:
Windows XP home sp2.
512 mb of RAM
A Radeon graphics card with 128mb ram of memory.
A AMD Athlon 64 processor 3200+

I believed these specs met the minimum requirements to run the vista advisor software - if I am wrong could someone advise me?

Or is there something else I am not aware off?


  Kate B 12:02 24 Mar 07

Is your copy of Windows legit? It should be if it's a Mesh, but that's the only reason I can think of for the Vista upgrade adviser not running. And I guess you could do scans with all the usual AV and antimalware apps.

  6511 12:13 24 Mar 07

Thanks Kate

As U say - I would hope my windows version was legit!! I have the Microsoft software installe dfor checking software is correct and it shows no problems - will re-run antimalware to see if helps. AV uptodate with mcafee and showing no infestations.

  5HAD0W 12:28 24 Mar 07

I had a problem, which was solved by running the advisor when connected to the internet. Perhaps some sort of newer version was downloaded that was compatable with my PC?
Anyway perhaps that may solve your issue if you weren'y doing it already?

  Kate B 12:41 24 Mar 07

That's a good point - you might well need to be online so the adviser can check your hardware and software against its database.

  provider 2 12:42 24 Mar 07

This or links might help: click here

  6511 12:43 24 Mar 07

Thanks Shadow

Have run antimalware and always run advisor with broadband live. Jus trun again and it still stops after running for 5 seconds. No error messages and NO REPORT! which I find annoying.

  blanco 18:59 24 Mar 07

You may not be alone. I have tried several times. The download seems to be OK but sometimes it just doesn't scan and, on one occasion I let it scan for five hours or so and nothing appeared.
For me it was a theoretical operation as I wasn't intending to make the switch at the moment and following one of Kate B's earlier postings on nVidea I realized I was unlikely to get a driver update for my motherboard.
I'm not sure whether the advisor takes drivers into consideration but, for example, Pitstop said I was fully ready for Vista when clearly I would have had problems.

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